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I got married a couple of years ago and now I can definitely agree that your wedding is one of the most memorable days of your life. My wife spent months researching the perfect dress, make up, flowers, venue, bridesmaid’s outfits, table cloths, food – the list was endless (and yes, I did get involved!)  I know that she didn’t have to worry too much about hair because obviously I have many top stylists to choose from but I do know from many, many girls who come into the salon that hair is probably as important as the dress and that’s why it’s paramount to put some thought and preparation in choosing a wedding hairstyle. I’m sure the big question you brides to be have is how do you choose a hairstyle that is suitable for your big day? You can stop your search because I’ve got all the answers for you! Firstly, take into consideration what your hair type is.  So if you have a very frizzy and curly hair type, I personally find it better to work with your natural curl and add different accessories to the style rather than blow drying it straight.  Particularly as the weather can often be damp or humid, you don’t want frizz on your big day. For fine hair, I usually suggest adding hair pieces which gives extra body and thickness.  I get a lot of requests for tonging hair which can give a natural wave but bear in mind this doesn’t work well for fine hair as the waves drop out, plus the tongs can remove the hair’s natural body therefore leaving it flat.  I prefer to use heated rollers in finer hair because these really give great body.  Also – another tip, have your hair shampooed without using conditioner on the day, this makes a difference. Additionally – did you know that my salon specialises in different types of hair extensions – and I mean the ones that don’t have to be permanent (although we do these too)! I have “clip in hair”, “Flip-In hair” and lots of other hand-made pieces.  I am available to give a free consultation on extensions and we can discuss all the options on how to add volume to hair and how we can change styles too.

UP OR DOWN? The big question – well, after the proposal!  Should you wear your hair up or let it fall loose and free?  The answer to this is dependent on your head shape and your own personality as well as the dress you have chosen or are thinking of.  In my opinion don’t be afraid to try something different for your special day.  Your wedding day is the biggest day of your life so why should you wear your hair the same as you do on any other day?  I always offer options as to what will suit you better and I take into consideration the dress.  If you have a very busy dress then it’s often nice to go for an elegant up-do with a simple accessory to match.

ACCESSORISE ACCESSORISE ACCESSORISE! I love a sensational hair accessory, and I equally am a fan of flowers.  That way you can be sure to look the part of the superbly finished bride.  Going back to my previous comment, if you just don’t want to wear your hair up as it’s simply not your style, how about long hair down with a few curls and a cool hair clip to co-ordinate with your dress?  Do make sure you think carefully about your entire look on the day – for example, if you’re wearing a high-necked dress then a classic up-do gives a very dazzling look, but lower cut or strapless often goes well with long, soft hair. Image

Finally, make sure you choose your wedding hairstyle early.  As a suggestion, why not start collecting photographs of wedding hair styles that you like.  Take the pictures with you when you visit your hairdresser so that he or she can get an idea of what type of wedding hairstyle you are looking for.  Bridal magazines, catalogues, celebrity wedding photographs and hairstyle magazines are great sources of information.  I am also available to give good advice on where to find original accessories or you could be really adventurous and make your own. Also remember that you are going to be active for up to 12 hours dancing and having fun so I always make sure that the veil is easy to remove after the ceremony so not to pull any hair from the style.  I use hairspray liberally to keep everything in place. Last but not least – have a wonderful, beautiful day and a happy life together. For more information on my wedding packages and hair trials please call the JA Salon on 020 77221225 and visit




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The established state of the art St John’s Wood Hair & Beauty salon, Joshua Altback, has been at the cutting-edge of British hairdressing for over 45 years. This is testimony to its reputation as the destination Hair & Beauty salon for residents in and around the surrounding areas. The incredible salon itself has reaped awards and rewards over the years and comes complete with top industry professionals, these being the finest hairdressers in the country, including superior beauty therapists and artistic experts within both the hair and beauty field. Joshua Altback is the man behind the success; he himself is an innovator with a talent for creative vision as well as being a perfectionist rolled into one. Every client is treated as an individual, with the utmost care and attention and Joshua’s experience and award winning approach is applauded and renowned. As well as exceptional technical expertise, Joshua has an unrivalled flair and knowledge in instinctively knowing what will work, what will transform and what will achieve the most impressive results possible. The salon specialises in innovative cutting and blow-drying, natural hair extensions, breathtaking wedding hair, hair-up, award-winning colour, Brazilian straightening, and Keratin treatments. Joshua Altback is also delighted to offer a wide range of beauty treatments as well as other hairdressing specialities. There is also a strong artistic category that is often called upon for high profile magazine photo-shoots as well as catwalk, special events and other high fashion requirements. Joshua is, and always has been, passionate about hair and this has been proven by his magazine work, session work, hairdressing awards and critical acclaim within this competitive industry. View all posts by JA Hair & Beauty

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