Why the London JA Hair & Beauty Salon is seeing so many disasters on a weekly basis…

Every month, we get up to 7 people visiting our St John’s Wood salon booking in for a Brazilian Keratin treatment following a poor quality session at a different salon. Nine times out of ten they have booked the original treatment through an online cheap deal site.  In fact, today, you can buy a Brazilian Keratin blow dry or treatment through dozens of companies offering them priced as low as just £39.  You really should ask yourself how these salons can offer these high priced treatments so cheaply.  Are these salons telling the consumers the truth about the products they are using?  Do they really know how to apply such a complex product?

For example – let’s look at a hair salon charging £59 for a treatment. (We actually pay a good deal more than this to our suppliers!)  A good quality product will cost the salon a considerable amount more per application than the £59 they paid, sometimes even more dependent on thickness of hair. That means the salon is paying the DEAL site out of their own pockets! Or are they using a cheaper alternative product. Does this mean they are compromising on the quality of the product to make their money?  The treatment should take 2 to 3 hours to apply; if a salon is only spending 1.5 hours per treatment then you can be sure that the treatment is not being done properly.

Almost all of our hairdressing customers who have been elsewhere and received a poor treatment have had problems with either the Keratin not working or treatment not lasting beyond a fortnight.  The more severe problems we have seen have been damaged hair, some of it completely ruined and worse case breaking off.

So WHY is this happening?

Be aware that some salons are using cheaper products.  These products are low in price for hairdressers to buy and can be cheaper, imported products which are not regulated by the EU.  All of our products at Joshua Altback’s Haircare and Beauty are top quality, tested and regulated.

There are also stylists who have not been trained in the art of Brazilian Keratin and therefore they don’t know how to apply the treatment properly.  We regularly train, attend training and keep ourselves completely up to date with technique.

The product companies providing the treatments are not training the hair salons effectively or at all.  The JA Salon attends training sessions whenever required.

The stylist does not take into account the differences in each client’s hair and therefore just repeats the same application on every client.  Our London hairdressing salon makes sure that every client has a personal hair consultation prior to the Brazilian Keratin straightening treatments.

Stylists can burn the client’s hair by over-use of hair irons.  We decide how many times we go over each section dependent on what product we use and how damaged the hair feels.

The stylist fails to find out what has been used on the client’s hair beforehand, such as colour or previous chemical straightening.  Our hairdressers take time to ask these questions during the Brazilian Keratin consultation.

What you can be assured of at JA Hair and Beauty!

Each of our clients is treated as an individual.  This means that we take time to have a one to one consultation with the client and we can determine what their hair texture is what the condition feels like and understand exactly what results are desired.  One product with the same application on every person is not the right answer and that is why the JA Salon offers 9 different treatments.

As an example, someone with previously coloured hair which is over-processed with too much bleach will only have the irons used twice maximum over each section with the correct product, this will minimize any further over-processing.

We’d also like to draw your attention to colour changes.  You may at some point decide to change your hair colour from dark to blonde and vice versa but do make sure you are going to a reputable salon who know what they are doing.  Far too often we have seen many people coming in with hair damage that has been broken off; this is often due to too much bleach, colour, over ironing and poor quality straightening treatments.

Treat your hair like your best friend and only take it to the best places!  For more information please see our website

Have you had any hair disasters?  We’d like to hear what you did about them!



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The established state of the art St John’s Wood Hair & Beauty salon, Joshua Altback, has been at the cutting-edge of British hairdressing for over 45 years. This is testimony to its reputation as the destination Hair & Beauty salon for residents in and around the surrounding areas. The incredible salon itself has reaped awards and rewards over the years and comes complete with top industry professionals, these being the finest hairdressers in the country, including superior beauty therapists and artistic experts within both the hair and beauty field. Joshua Altback is the man behind the success; he himself is an innovator with a talent for creative vision as well as being a perfectionist rolled into one. Every client is treated as an individual, with the utmost care and attention and Joshua’s experience and award winning approach is applauded and renowned. As well as exceptional technical expertise, Joshua has an unrivalled flair and knowledge in instinctively knowing what will work, what will transform and what will achieve the most impressive results possible. The salon specialises in innovative cutting and blow-drying, natural hair extensions, breathtaking wedding hair, hair-up, award-winning colour, Brazilian straightening, and Keratin treatments. Joshua Altback is also delighted to offer a wide range of beauty treatments as well as other hairdressing specialities. There is also a strong artistic category that is often called upon for high profile magazine photo-shoots as well as catwalk, special events and other high fashion requirements. Joshua is, and always has been, passionate about hair and this has been proven by his magazine work, session work, hairdressing awards and critical acclaim within this competitive industry. View all posts by JA Hair & Beauty

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